Dr. János Fabula  

Dear visitor,

I would like to introduce my professional activity on this website.

My main professional activity covers adult orthopaedic diseases (examination of hip, knee and lumbar spine disorders),  indications of conservative and operative management , advice in preoperative and postoperative orthopaedic procedures (total hip and knee replacements, forefoot corrections, hallux valgus surgery, knee arthroscopy).

The subspecialty I try to focus on is the medial unicompartmental knee replacement (Oxford partial knee , HP Sigma Depuy), I performed more than 200 procedures in UK with this technique. Other interest is the orthopaedic problems of childhood.

Since 2005 I am a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in United Kingdom , currently part-time consultant  at Practice Plus Ilford Hospital  (formerly known North East London NHS Treatment Centre ) . Informations about the recent years orthopaedic procedures  activity in United Kingdom  could be found  here.

I have been started private consultation at Feketesas Clinic in Szeged, Hungary in 2019 and most recently in Duna Medical Center , Budapest where hip and knee replacement can be performed as well.

Thank you for visiting the website.

Janos Fabula MD.



Private consultation at Feketesas Clinic Szeged

Orthopaedic Consultation and  Surgeries in Liv Duna Medical Centre